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Convert PowerPoint 11.50

Converts PPT files into various other formats
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Turns your PowerPoint Presentations (PPT and PPTX) into images (JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF, etc.) or documents (PDF, HMT, TXT, DOC or RTF).

Convert PowerPoint offers to convert multiple PowerPoint-supported files in a single session. Although it is mainly intended for PowerPoint files, it supports the whole range of input formats that PowerPoint can handle, such as web pages, outlines and design templates. Moreover, the list of output formats is even larger, because, in addition to those formats already mentioned, this tool also supports PDF and several types of image formats. Another advantage of this tool is that it can be run from the command line, allowing calls from other programs and batch files.

I do not have any complains as to Convert PowerPoint functions but I do have a few gripes about its interface. In my opinion, it has been made unnecessarily complex. This means that at some point, you may need to stop and wonder what to do next. However, once you understand what it is about, you will probably have no difficulty using it.

The whole idea of the process is based on the concept of a conversion job. You create these jobs by selecting a series of input files and then deciding the output format for each of them. These jobs can be saved, or even scheduled to run at specific times. Not only conversion parameters can be set, as you can also perform other actions, such as appending files, removing empty lines as well as searching and replacing strings.

As a whole, Convert PowerPoint is a document converter that may be useful when you need to perform regular conversions. In case you only convert these types of files occasionally, perhaps you might prefer to use in-built PowerPoint capabilities to import and export various file types.

Pedro Castro
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  • It supports a wide range of input formats
  • Jobs can be scheduled
  • It allows performing additional actions


  • The interface is unnecessarily complex
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